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JOYO, DC-15, 15W Digital Guitar Amplifier

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The JOYO DC-15 digital guitar amplifier features digital effects and
amp simulations, allowing you to experiment with new sounds before
investing in the pedal style effects or processors you can use the most: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo.

The amp takes things one step further, as though all the above isn't
enough, by offering the classic sounds so many rock and pop artists
use in various ways: Delay and Reverb! The output of the amp is 15
Watts RMS, which is enough to be heard in a live playing environment
because of the high efficiency 6 inch speaker. Making this amp even
more-effective as a beginner's perfect starter amp or even a serious
rocker's practice amp, the DC-15 features 36 drum loops with a fully
variable tempo - / + and independent volume controls for guitar and
beats. The 36 drum patterns mean you can use the amp as a metronome,
without getting bored with the simple clicks and pops to help staying in
beat, gradually step up the tempo for practice.

JOYO DC-15 15W Digital Guitar Amplifier also has an input for your iphone or other devices to play along to which makes it a great sounding, portable practice amp. Perfect for at home, in the bedroom and ideal for learning !. Connect up to the headphones jack and enjoy !

  Model: DC-15
- Roland Jazz Chorus.
-  Wave -X C-Clean.
- Ibanez TS9.
- Boss SD-1.
- MI Audio Crunch Box.
- Wave-X Power Drive - Lead.
- Wave-X Power Drive - Rhythm.
- Boss MT-2. Four modulation effects: (1) Chorus (2) Flanger (3) Phaser
   (4) Tremolo Two spacial effects: (1) Delay (2) Reverb
   Includes a 36-pattern drum machine with tempo and volume control.
- AUX Input and Phones output

Four modulation effects:

  1. Chorus
  2. Flanger
  3. Phaser
  4. Tremolo

 Two spacial effects:

  1. Delay
  2. Reverb

 Includes a 36-pattern drum machine with tempo and volume control.

- AUX Input and Phones output
- Dimensions(mm):249 x 190 x 218
- N.Weight:5.4 KG

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