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Passive Speakers

passive speaker draws its power from an external amp and is connected to that amp via speaker wire. 
A speaker without a built in amplifier.

Tag: passive speaker

Wharfedale EVO X215

R 8,000.00 

Wharfedale IMPACT X215

R 6,300.00 

Wharfedale Impact X15

R 4,000.00 

Wharfedale EVO X15M

R 4,800.00 

Wharfedale EVO X15

R 5,100.00 

Wharfedale EVO X12M

R 4,300.00 

Wharfedale EVO X12

R 4,400.00 

Wharfedale Delta X15

R 6,700.00 

Wharfedale Delta X12

R 6,400.00 

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