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Cable – Speaker, speakon – 1/4″ jack, 5m

4 pole speakon to 1/4″ mono jack speaker cable
PVC coated, outer diameter 8mm
Colour coded positive and negative conductors (red and white)
Positive conductor: Stranded, 2.5mm² (Area), 1.8mm (diameter), CCA alloy
Negative conductor: Stranded, 2.5mm² (Area), 1.8mm (diameter), CCA alloy
1/4″ jack connector: Metal nickel plated
4 pole speakon connector: Durable PVC moulded
1.4″ jack connections: Sleeve – Negative, Tip – Positive
4 pole speakon connections: 1+ (positive), 1- (Negative), 2+ (not connected), 2- (not connected)
Length: 5m
Colour: Black

Hybrid offers a wide range of speaker cables that cater for most system integration applications. A comprehensive variation of cable lengths from 2m to 20m are available with terminal connectors 1/4″ jack mono and 4 pole speakon. The Hybrid speaker cables are available in two colours, a white twin-flex 100m cable roll for permanent public address installations and a black single PVC moulded, dual-core for professional sound reinforcement.

All Hybrid speaker cables are malleable PVC coated making them easy to use and roll-up.

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