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Hybrid SNA2830

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Cable – Snake Cable, 24+4, 30m

The Hybrid SNA2830 is a professional 24 input + 4 return, 30m snake cable, suitable for large stages as a signal/audio link between the performing artists and the sound engineer. The SNA2830 is manufactured from high grade materials such as pure copper, quality connectors and a durable metal housing, making it a durable and robust product as well as offering low signal losses over the cable length.

Snake Cable, 24+4, 30m
Channels: 24, Combo XLR Female – 1/4″ Jack chassis connectors, XLR Male input to mixing console
Returns: 4, XLR Male chassis connectors, XLR Female outputs from mixing console
PVC coated, main cable outer diameter 24mm
Inputs & Returns: Balanced, ground, non-inverting & inverting conductors
Non-inverting and inverting conductors: 20 strand x 0.12mm copper
Ground conductor: 45 strand x 0.12mm copper
Connectors: Nickel plated with durable moulded PVC screw-on covers
XLR male connections: Pin1 – ground, Pin 2 – Non inverting, Pin 3 – Inverting
XLR female connections: Pin1 – ground, Pin 2 – Non inverting, Pin 3 – Inverting
Length: 30
Stage Box: Metal casing with handle
Colour: Black

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