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Cable – Mains extension 2.5mm, 230V, 15m

3 Pin M type plug to dual entry M type Janus extension cable
PVC coated, 10mm outer diameter
Live conductor: Stranded, 2.5mm² (Area), 1.8mm (diameter), Copper wire
Neutral conductor: Stranded, 2.5mm² (Area), 1.8mm (diameter), Copper wire
Earth conductor: Stranded, 2.5mm² (Area), 1.8mm (diameter), Copper wire
3 pin plug: 15A, M type, durable PVC moulded
Janus: 15A, Dual entry, M type, durable PVC with red LED indicator
Connections (plug and Janus): Brown conductor – Live; Blue conductor – Neutral; Yellow/Green conductor – Earth
Length: 15m
Colour: Black
Package: Rolled and secured with two Velcro straps, packed in a hardcase

Hybrid offers a wide range of mains extension cables that cater for most PA and lighting system power-up applications. A comprehensive variety of extension cable lengths from 3m to 20m are available in two thickness sizes, 1.5mm² and 2.5mm². Our extension cables are terminated with a robust 15A, M type 3 pin plug and matching dual entry Janus. The Janus features a red LED indicator making it easy for the user to know when mains power is present.
All Hybrid extension cables are malleable PVC coated making them easy to use and roll-up.

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